Cry by Marvin Antons

I wanna cry.
I wanna die.
Just left me alone tonight!
This is my life and i can’t enjoy.
Everyday i try to be happy.
I can’t act like it’s wonderful
So many tears and so many faked smiles.
Sometimes i think of commiting suicide.
I’m afraid of the dead, but i think that’s my only chance.
I hate myself.
I hate my life.
I hate public and all the things they like!
I’m not normal that’s not pretty good.
I wanna die.
I wish i could.
I feel so sick.
I don’t feel good.
I do drugs to feel much better.
When i do drugs i feel like i can fly.
I feel like it’s the best time of my life.
Weed, cocaine, molly and lsd.
I know it’s hard but i feel free.
So many lies everyday.
I cry all night and smoke some cigarettes.
Marlboro, pallmall and luckystrike.
I wanna sleep, sleep and sleep all night.
Sleep forever that’s what i like.
I’m sorry that i’m difficult.
I’m like i am and i can’t change tonight.
How many smiles did i fake today?
Society killed me, society’s hard.
We’re all hiding something.
Why does my life get down like this?
The dreams in which i’m dying are the best i’ve ever had.
Whatever…i’m sick of saying sorry!